Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dining Disasters

Not all meals are blog worthy. This weekend I made a few questionable dishes that deserved to be swept under the rug. Remembering the subtitle at the top of this web page - "...culinary misadventures..." - I decided I should fess-up and tell it to ya straight!

My first misadventure was a dish that I had been dying to prepare from Cooking Light, April 2008 , Thai Noodle Salad with Sauteed Tofu. I thought it would be a spin-off of my favorite Thai dish, Pad Thai Pasta; it wasn't. Before you gross out and hit the Back button on your browser over the "sauteed tofu" portion of this salad, I need to tell you that the sauteed tofu was the only redeeming quality of the dish. I am a big fan of sauteed tofu, so before you turn your nose up, you really should give it a try. But not at my house and not with this recipe.
I was ready to make you a tofu believer with this salad. I took careful photos of the tofu preparation so that you would attempt the tofu at home.This is how you press the water out of your tofu.This is how you chop your tofu.This is how you dress your tofu salad.This is how you take a great big bite of your tofu and your Thai Noodle salad.

And this is where you "store" your salad after you take a great big bite.

Misadventure number two was Poppyseed Bread from a favorite local restaurant's cookbook. I have had their Poppyseed Bread on multiple occasions and it is quite delicious. Most everything they serve is delicious, especially their chicken salad and their bread pudding. Can you name that restaurant?

Like I have said before, I am not a baker. I guess this fact still holds true. I tried to substitute some whole wheat flour for some all purpose flour. Yuck. Big mistake. I won't do it again. I promise (until the next time).

"Why, " you ask, "if the bread tastes so bad, is there only a sliver left in the photo?" The answer, my friends, is elementary and I would think that by now you know me well enough to know what I did with the bread. No, I did not eat it all myself regardless of the foul taste (but that is a good guess). I told my kids it was "cake" and that if they could choke down their dinner they could have a slice for "dessert." They ate it and then they asked for seconds. It's a cruel trick, but much less wasteful than what I did with the noodle salad.

I will attempt the Poppyseed Bread again. If all goes well, I'll pass the recipe on to you!


ashley said...

I know, I know but I wont name it because won't it give your city away? But it rhymes with Hormas.

Kellys said...

Kristy, sometimes you just can't change things in a recipe to make it healthy. Just be un-healthy with the rest of us...... :)

love, pk

Jess said...

Well...I don't know about anyone else, but I think that both of them look yummy. If you were not so honest, you TOTALLY could have fooled me. I probably would have forced my family into trying tofu too. And Paul's impression of what tofu probably tastes like would have been confirmed. But now I won't know because you were too honest...and my children, husband and our taste buds all thank you for that!
Lots of love!